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Title: i'm here!!1!!!
Artist: kim taehyung
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taehyung yelling of their presence when he & jin exit the elevator at m!countdown

x i u h a n



THEY’RE SO CO-DEPENDENT I DON’T EVEN. and it’s weird because i never really shipped them shipped them at first, but then something just clicked in place and now i’m SO UPSET BECAUSE THEY ARE THE WORST. AND ALWAYS STUCK AT THE HIP. AND IN LOVE LIKE W H A T. forever laughing at luhan’s minseok problem he is so embarrassing.

but like.


oh my god luhan what even are you.

April 30  ♥  22 notes

Who works the hardest to pretend to be sexy? I think Hyuna. Hyuna is actually really cute and has a lot of aegyo. So when she acts sexy on stage, it’s funny. We make fun of her everyday.”


131223 & 131229 SBS Gayo Daejun Drama Parody (NG cut + skit)

Download the subbed video here and the raw version (no subs) here!

Infinite’s oldest playing with a toy car ^^

Namjoon staring at his boyfriend Seokjin

After looking intensely at the camera for a good 5 sec,

Leo hides behind the sticky note.